As usual it was fascinating to see the students interim show. My eye was initially caught by Wayne Binitie’s (second year MPhil student) beautiful glass work, which explores sonic form and surface in Antarctic ice cores. The clear, irregular, glass forms (first two images) transported me to the Jokulsarlon Glacier, Iceland (see previous blog) where large fragments of iceberg are dramatically beached on a backdrop of black volcanic sand. Apparently this was the initial inspiration for his interrogation of the subject, as it is for my current body of work, so this was an exciting discovery; two completely different outcomes with the same starting point.

Helen Stokes, PhD student, is exploring the optical perception of image within glass and had produced some fascinating 3D images in glass as well as the subtle, painterly images captured in the glass form (pictured).

The other photos show exploratory work by second year MA students working mainly with clay, including Lucille Lewin, Ilona Broeseliske, Amber Zuber, Helen Johannessen, Christopher Riggio, Annie Hardy, Yao Wang, Ines Suarez Puga, Roseanne Connolly, Shaun Fraser, Irina Razumovskaya and Priyanka Sharma.


Hilary Mayo