‘Craftsmanship Alone Is Not Enough’ celebrates 100 years of the dedicated ceramics course (and one of very few left in the country) at Central Saint Martins. This diverse exhibition explores the rich history of work by alumni alongside that of current staff and students. The quotation is from course leader Dora Billington in the 1950’s who firmly established the links between art and industry.

The show illustrates the range of the course, from hand built studio pottery to thrown domestic ware, from conceptual art to design for industry.

Work on display includes (from left to right)  Akiko Hirai, Richard Slee, Agalis Manessi, Robin Levian, Ian Auld, Amanda Tong, Julie Spurgeon, Rafael Atencia, Rob Kessler, Rafael Atencia (again), Gordon Baldwin plate (early work) and Gordon Baldwin (contemporary), Tamsin Van Essen with Richard Slee in the background, Kathryn Hearn, Emma Lacey, Kim Norton, Gillian Lowndes andAlison Britton.

Open till 11 February at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross, London

Hilary Mayo