Ceramics In The Expanded Field 2014

Ceramics In The Expanded Field: Behind The Scenes At The Museum (July 17-19 2014)

Still reflecting on this thought provoking international conference held at Westminster University, the culmination of a three year research project which explored the "relationship between contemporary ceramics practice and museum culture." My highlights included talks by the impressive Phoebe Cummings, Tanya Harrod and Martina Margetts (who spoke eloquently and with real command of her subject without notes). I also enjoyed contributions from James Beighton (MIMA), Glen Brown, and Christie Brown. What a treat, there was a real abundance of riches amongst the speakers, I fear it will be a long time before such an eminent group of makers/practitioners, museum curators, gallery directors, academics and art historians get together in the same room again.

The accompanying exhibition/installations/interventions (see above) in the Ambika P3 gallery space showed work by the three practitioners behind this research project, Christie Brown, Clare Twomey and Julian Stair.